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First Level Workshop: Stop-motion e puppet making



The workshop, led by Stefano Bessoni, the most important Italian animator and stop-motion director (www.stefanobessoni.com), aim to make participants able to approach the technique of stop-motion especially about the software use. In particular, the course is focused on the application of claymation and the cut-out techniques and on the use of the Dragonframe software. The maximum number of participants is fixed at 18. It is anyway required a minimum number of participants to activate the course. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.


Recipients of the course are illustrators, animators, professionals and students. For minors, a release signed by the legal guardian must be furnished (link).


No specific requirements are needed. You must have interest for animation and, in particular, for stop-motion technique.


  • Stop-motion;
  • Different techiniques of stop-motion animation;
  • Making stop-motion animation;
  • The twelve rules of animation technique;
  • Animation managment;
  • Take the first steps;
  • Smartphone and tablet applications;
  • Camera and editing software;
  • Specific softwares;
  • Dragonframe;
  • Some exercises to start;
  • Start making stop-motion;
  • Cut-out animation and claymation.

Where and When:

The course will take place in Savoca (ME) from 27th to 29th July 2018, concurrently with the third edition of Zabut - International Animated Short-Film Festival. Duration will be 8 hours per day. Times will be compatible with those relative to the Festival. The final works will be presented on Sunday 29th July during the third night of the Festival.


The cost of the course is 300 € (VAT included). If the workshop will be cancelled, the full amount paid will be refunded. If enrolled participants drop out 15 days before the workshop start, the 50% of the amount will be retained. If enrolled participants drop out less than 15 days before the workshop start, the total amount will be retained.


Registrations must be received no later than midnight on 13 June 2018.


To start submission fill the form at this link. Once submitted the form you will receive an email reporting detailed information to complete the registration. The list of the needed material (partly furnished by organization, and partly borne by participants), is available at the following link. In order for the registration to be considered valid, the form, the release by legal guardian (only for minors) with a copy of a valid identity document of the legal guardian, everything compiled and signed in all its parts, together with the receipt (with the attached CRO number) of the transfer must be furnished within the deadline. For further information, send an email to tagliodirema@gmail.com

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