To submit your film to ZABUT, please read carefully our eligibility requirements below. If you fill the Entry form that you may find in the section “Entry”, you will fully accept the current regulation.

For any further information, contact us through the section “Contacts” on our website


Submission is free.

Film running time must be no more than 17 minutes (all credits included).
Each film submitted must be accompanied by the relative Entry Form filled in each part. Each author can submit up to three films.
Films selected for the previous editions of the Festival will be automatically excluded.

Deadline for submission: 30th March 2021.

Only films realized by using traditional animation and/or digital animation techniques and produced after 1st January 2018 will be accepted. Films must be uploaded on a file sharing website and the relative information must inserted in the corresponding box in the Entry Form or by platform with which the festival is associated.

Foreign films submitted to the Festival must be subtitled in Italian. Alternatively, the Italian (preferred option), or English, or French dialogue list must be provided. Italian films with dialect dialogues must be subtitled in Italian.

Music video are not eligible to apply for the contest.

All the participants must furnish, by fulfilling the Entry Form, the following information and materials:

  1. Film;
  2. Synopsis (max 600 characters);
  3. Name, skype contact, email address, phone number of the Author(s) of the film.

To the selected authors it may be asked to provide additional materials (e.g. storyboard, drawings..).

Film selection will be at discretion of the Festival Committee.

The list of the selected films will be notified by 10th May 2021 by email to the authors/producers of the films. It is strictly forbidden to the authors/producers/distributors selected to give communication, by any means (social, website etc.), before the date of the press conference, which will be communicated through the festival official channels.

The list of the selected short-movies will be posted on the Festival website

If the selected films have original soundtracks, the latter will compete for a dedicated award.
All the material sent to the Festival will not be returned and will be collected in the Festival archive.
A jury of professional filmmakers, illustrators, cartoonist, distributors, journalists, musicians, will assign the ZABUT 2021 awards.
By participating in this announcement authors authorize the Taglio Di Rema Association to the screening of the selected works during the Festival and the events connected to it,also to reproduce extracts from the works (max 5 sec) for promotional purposes and for the creation of the trailer of the Festival, and to the use of other material (additional) eventually furnished by the authors.



  1. ZABUT 2021 Best Film Award + 1000 € (VAT included)
  2. Best Original Soundtrack Award + 400€ (VAT included)
  3. Audience Award

The payment of prizes and shipments will be held by March 2022

The organizing committee retains the possibility to establish a section, called ZABUT KIDS, for an audience whose age is up to 10 years old. It will required, while filling in the entry form, to specify whether the short film could also belong to Zabut Kids section.


Film producers/authors must agree to include in future promotion material the mention of any award received at the Zabut Festival together with the official ZABUT LOGO.