“Despues de l’eclipse” - (12’)

B.R. Blankenhorst - ARGENTINA (2020)

Argentina in the 1920s. The Social Club of a small rural town throws a grand evening ball. It is a great opportunity for lovebirds to approach and dance together. But it is not quite that simple in this prejudiced society.

“Migrante" - (5’38’’)

E. E. Dalinger - ARGENTINA (2019) - 1a Ita

“MIGRANTE” is an animated short film with a powerful message in favor of migration, built on real testimonies that were animated by more than 50 animators from 11 countries in Latin America.

“Lost & Found" - (7’)

A. Goldsmith, B. Slabe - AUSTRALIA (2018)

A clumsy crochet dinosaur must completely unravel itself to save the love of its life.

“The Quiet” - (10')

R. Jegatheva - AUSTRALIA (2019) - 1a Ita

When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation. The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?

“Sangro” - (7’)

T. Minamisawa, B.H. Castro, G. Br (2019) - BRASILE

Inspired by a true story, "Sangro" is the intimate confession of a person living with HIV. Whirlwind of emotions. The first sensations An animated film that seeks to demystify the problems that, to date, persist in society's imagination about the virus.

“Mascot” - (7’)

L. Kim - COREA DEL SUD (2019) - 1a Ita

The fox who wants to be a mascot for the city goes to a mascot training academy. He lives in a very tiny house and works many part-time jobs. He is still getting many Mascot auditions with taking loans at high-interest rates for undergoing plastic surgery.

“Mother and Milk” - (10’34’’)

A. Lindholm - FINLANDIA (2019)

What happens when a baby is born? What if there is no milk? Or just drop too much? When a baby is born, the fresh parents are drowning in mother’s milk and nothing is the as it used to be. The film describes the difficulties of breastfeeding and parenting in a hilarious and heartwarming way.

“A la mer poussiere” - (12’30’’)

H. Ferlay - FRANCIA (2020)

Left alone in the deepest of the summer, Malo and Zoe are trying their best to catch their mother’s elusive eye.

“Cinetic” - (6’)

T. Lagana, J. Bardon-Brun, R. Bouillet, M. Jullietty, H. Meheust - FRANCIA (2019)

A man falls asleep on the train which takes him home. When he wakes up, every other passengers have dissappear. The man then decides to travel the train to find answers.

“Etreintes” - (5’)

J. Vuylsteker - FRANCIA (2018)

Standing still in front of the open window, a woman stares at the dark clouds that obscure the sky. Immobile, she fights against the remembrances of the past. In the clouds, a passionate embrace appears.

“O28” - (5’)

O. Caussé, G. Collin, L. Grardel, A. Marchand, R. Merle, F. Meyran - FRANCIA (2019)

In Lisbon, a german married couple is about to get aboard the legendary n°28 tramway, but how should you react when the brakes let go and embark you on a vertiginous race... with a baby on board.

“The peculiar crime of Oddball mr. Jay” - (10’)

B. Caetano - FRANCIA (2019)

M. Oddball lives in city where water and threes were disappeared. But his love for nature will change the world.

“The true story” - (4’)

P.L. Aeberhardt - FRANCIA (2020)

As dinosaurs take their first steps on the moon, a giant asteroid heads towards Earth. On Earth, the JASA (Jurassic Aeronautics and Space Administration) is active to avoid disaster...

“Carlotta’s face” - (5’)

V. Riedl, F. Schuld - GERMANIA (2018)

As a child Carlotta didn’t expect the people around her to have faces. She even doesn’t recognize her own face. Years later she learns about a rare untreatable deficit of her brain. It was art after all that offered her a way to finally recognize herself.

“Criss Cross” - (7')

F. Penzlin - GERMANIA (2020)

Criss Cross is a film about love and borders. Which is stronger? An unfortunate chain of events motivates a couple in love to try and defy the obstacles between them. Can they be overcome? Or might digging underneath be a better solution? And just when you think it’s getting easier, bureaucracy and the past get in the way!

“Friends” - (7’45’’)

F. Grolig - GERMANIA (2019)

The ‘small’ one is, well, small, and the ‘big’ one definitely very very big. They are friends. With a good friend you can overcome all problems, one would like to believe, but that’s obviously nonsense.

“Wade” - (10’38’’)

U. Bhattacharyya, K. Sanghvi - INDIA (2019)

In a version of Kolkata, India rendered unlivable by sea level rise, things take a dark turn when a family of climate change refugees are ambushed by a tiger on the flooded streets.

“Tamou” - (10’)

T. Prezman, T. Eder - ISRAELE (2019) - 1a Ita

Tamou, a lonely housewife, plunges into an internal exploration of gender and sexuality in 20th century Morocco. Surrounded by the prying eyes of a patriarchal society, her - his true identity as a trans man begins to unfold.

“Twinless” - (6’20’’)

R. Israel, S. Danan - ISRAELE (2019) - 1a Ita

This is Millie's story, the story of a young woman dealing with the pain and loss that have tormented her since the prenatal death of her twin sister. On her birthday, Millie is drawn through her birthday cake into the depths of her memory. This journey exposes her maturation process in the shadow of the lost twin, her feeling towards this lost opportunity brought about by fate, and her contemplations of what could have been.

“Aripi” - (8’11’’)

D. Voloshin - MOLDAVIA (2019)

This story is about an astronaut who, as a child, dreamed of flying and being free. And now he seems to be flying in the sky, but he is actually locked in the capsule of a spacecraft. One day, minor problems lead to bigger problems, causing the spaceship to lose control and collapse on Earth. And now the astronaut will once again spread the wings of his dreams and return to childhood.

“Grief” - (2’20’’)

B. Brand - OLANDA (2019)

Would you feel it? Would you know it? Travel back in time and see for yourself.

“Home” - (7’)

A. Bruvere - REGNO UNITO (2019)

Tactile stop-motion animation and vivid sound design convey 300 years of immigration and diversity in an East London dwelling that housed first Huguenot, then Irish and Jewish refugees.

“Boing Boing” - (3’)

G. Dorobantu - ROMANIA (2019) - 1a Ita

A short hand-drawn animation about a feisty little ball struggling to escape the confinement of a big stolid square.

“Ties” - (8')

D. Velikovskaya - RUSSIA (2019)

There is a strong connection between parents and their child. A young woman leaves the parental home to see the world. But the world of her parents is so tightly connected with her that by leaving, she puts it at risk. It turns out that this connection can be also destructive.

“Candela” - (12')

M. Riba, A. Solanas - SPAGNA (2020)

Mrs. Candela spends the last days of her life in a dying suburb of a big city.

“Maji” - (2’)

C. Diaz Melendez - SPAGNA (2020) - 1a Ita

The water journey and our problems with it.

“Patchwork” - (8’)

M. Manero Muro - SPAGNA (2018)

Patchwork is the story of Loly, an 60 year woman who needs a liver transplant. Loly is housewife, artist, chef, psychologist and mother. The story is told by a the donor who gave his/her liver to her. How many organs does it need to be replaced to stop being yourself and becoming someone else?

“Un dìa en el parque” - (3')

D. Porral - SPAGNA (2017)

A monologue by a grandfather who explains to his grandkid how things used to be... or maybe how they are now.

“The Perfumer” - (8’)

K.-Y. Jheng - TAIWAN (2019)

As we grow older and leave away from hometown to study, we inevitably neglect our connection between our families. When we flash back to the past, the time we spent together with our families was so valuable.

“Piat minut do moira” - (7’07’’)

N. Mirzoyan - USA (2018)

The mother issues her decree: before you get back in the water, you have to take a break and sit quietly for five minutes. For the little girl, these five minutes are an ocean of boredom that stretches on forever and ever. She starts to watch the other bathers and how they spend their five minutes.