• Location


The new location of the festival is Villa “Crisafulli-Ragno”, a splendid building of neoclassical style erected around 1890. The Villa, located in front of the sea in the centre of Santa Teresa city, has a wide garden where the festival will take place.

The building, purchased in 2002 by the municipal administration and restored in 2008, has been renamed " Palazzo della Cultura" and houses the municipal library. Moving to Villa Ragno, ZABUT fulfils a mission. The festival need of an “urban surface” to transform by giving it new life and independence. Villa Ragno will become, year after year, a palimpsest to be rewritten, changing its atmosphere and establishing a connection between the past and the contemporaneity. The choice of "Palazzo della Cultura" as new festival location indicates a specific direction and corresponds to the need for the festival to create relationships, promote meetings, and favour dialogue. In other words, to make culture.

During the three days of the festival, Villa Ragno will be for everyone, professionals and animated cinema fans, faithful or simply curious spectators, a multicultural place that opens up to the world and its stories. A cosy place that will welcome words, emotions, music and sounds of the world.